HSI Professional Comb for Flat Iron/Straightening

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About the product
  • PERFECT HAIR STYLING: The easy-to-use HSI Professional Comb for Flat Iron prepares and detangles all hair types and extensions for the straightening process. Use the comb in one hand to evenly separate hair strands, and follow with your flat iron in the other.
  • PREVENT HAIR DAMAGE: With this revolutionary comb, your hair receives hot plate heat more evenly distributed and regulated. The even temperature makes your flat iron more effective – translating to protected hair and straighter styles.
  • SAVE TIME: Straighten your hair fast for the perfect look every time. This comb produces professional, straight styling results in half the time by using soft but sturdy teeth for comfortable, precise combing.
  • ELIMINATE FRIZZ: The Flat Iron Comb features gentle teeth to minimize frizz and split ends. Its professional-grade furnishes greater control, which protects all hair textures while achieving a beautiful, sleek look.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Perfect for straightening all hair lengths, you will want to carry this sturdy and well-made HSI Professional Flat Iron Comb everywhere you go