100 Pcs U Shape Metallic Snap Clips for Wigs and Extensions

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About the product
  • Material: Metal clip with rubber silicone Quantity:100 Pcs per pack Super value bulk
  • 3 Style options: General U Shape 6 holes, Dimensions: 1.25"x0.625". 9-Teeth 6 holes, Dimensions:1.25"x0.625", 10-Teeth 9 holes, Dimensions:1.375"x0.75"
  • Special designed for hair extension and wigs, with little holes for linking or sewing the wig.
  • Set and fit your wigs, hair extensions and hairpiece easily with these snap-comb clips.
  • These  Snap Clips are great hair DIY accessories for U-part wigs, sewing to tracks for clip ins or sewn to the wefts of hair etc.