Wholesale Bulk Orders

For bulk orders

Are you a beauty professional looking for a reliable hair vendor? Or do you have a business with a high demand for premium hair at low costs? Are you interested in starting a mink lashes business? Our wholesale bulk orders may be a good fit for you!

Our Bulk Deals offers clients the best pricing on high quality 100% human hair extensions and mink lashes at reasonable prices. If your purchase is $500 or more 20 customized bundle bags and 40 bundle tags will be included with your order for free. Branding is a key necessity to standing out in a very saturated market.

You are not limited to what is displayed on the Bulk Deals page however, we can create a package for almost any product on the site, just reach out to customer service for pricing information.

What you get:

  • Quality products
  • Variety of product options
  • Variety of purchase options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free Personalized product branding (bulk orders of $500 or more)
  • High-quality product photos for your website

Where do I start?

1. Purchase a Seller Membership

2. Create an account on our site

3. Instantly gain access to our products and discounts

4. Place your order